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PIQ - How high did you jump?
PIQ ile ne kadar yükseğe zıpladığınızı ölçebilirsiniz

What is PIQ? What is PIQ use for?

PIQ calculates and displays on your sensor how much you fly while you are kitesurfing. It records the highest of the data it shows, and places you in the queue immediately. These ranking records are renewed if they are more than the previous height.
In this respect, you can now make great flying enjoyment by breaking records!
Who knows, maybe you can break the record PIQ Turkey? :)

PIQ Sensor Introduction

PIQ Mobile Application

With PIQ mobile application, you can measure how fast you are active each time you fly, and how fast you fly

PIQ Full Set

With The North Kiteboarding quality, you can see how fast you are jumping with the PIQ accessory paddle, how far you are going, how fast you are going, and much more.