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Urla Kite Center

Thats how easy to learn kitesurfing!

You will get a better understanding of how fun and easy it is to learn kiteboarding as for us, kite is fed with passion, love and excitement.

First of all, your safety is very important to us.

Our professional kitesurf instructor who will be with you in your most excited and happiest moments will make sure you are safe at anytime.
While we enjoy to be with you and have a good time, we are looking forward to provide you the most exciting time:)

Urla Kite Center is located in best kitesurfing area in Turkey, in Izmir province, Urla , Gulbahçe spot. Turkey's best and most suitable learning area using the most professional kite equipment and experienced instructors.

Best kitesurf spot in Turkey!

kitesurf alanı

Urla Kite Center, Turkey's best and most appropriate kitesurfing place in the area, with shallow and absolutely flat water, offer great facilities to improve yourself.

Oğuzhan Bentürk
kitesörf her yaşa uygun

We propose you the best quality equipment on the market for you to have a great great experience and a high level of excitement.

Whether you rent equipment or take a course you can always count on it. Make yourself better by taking professional kitesurf lessons.

kitesurf eğitmeni

Before you begin this wonderful experience and share it with our most experienced and dynamic instructors, there is something you should know.

For your excitement and passion, you will live the safest kitesurfing experience with the same enthusiasm of our magnificent friendly trainers.

Rescue and Service Boat

What can you do with our "JET like" special boat after you rent?
  • UKC assure your permanent safety on the kite spot.
  • For a different and amazing experience, we can take you to the Secret spot. :)
  • We Also provide private lessons from the boat for a different and advance experience.
Urla Kite Center, UKC.

Top Quality Equipment View all equipment

We select for you the best equipment to guarantee you the best kitesurfing experience.
Duotone Kiteboarding
Duotone Kiteboard - Jaime - 2019
UKC | 19 March 2019
Be more aggressive, more wild and more free with Duotone Kiteboard!
Duotone Kiteboarding
Duotone DICE - 2019
UKC | 19 March 2019
Duotone DICE provides you to best moving and accelerated action drive. (BEST)
Duotone Kiteboarding DICE
Duotone EVO - 2019
UKC | 19 March 2019
Go faster, go safer, go freely wider without looking back with Duotone EVO!

Duotone Kiteboarding
ION - Vest - 2019
UKC | 18 April 2019
ION Vest provides you 100% protection of anything.
Duotone Kiteboarding
ION WetSuit - 2019
UKC | 18 April 2019
ION WetSuit provides you best quality and removes any unwanted itchy and rubbing problems.
BB Talkin Equipment
BB Talkin
UKC | 18 April 2019
BB Talkin provides you to WIRELESS communication within your instructor or friends while you are enjoying the ride.
BB Talkin

FUN Squares

@urlakitecenter , welcomes you to Instagram, where we have posted, all kinds of entertaining moments from you :) Why do you see your picture? Have you not flew with us yet?

Why Should You Choose Us?

Best Area

Urla Kite Center is located in Urla, Gülbahçe spot in Izmir to far as well form Alaçati. We are in the market in order to improve yourselves better and provide you the best service in our area. With our passionate kitesurf school and the perfect learning zone very flat and shallow you’ll pick it up in a second

Instant News

You do not always have the opportunity to control the wind? It's no problem, we will follow the forecast and keep you posted about the best conditions to make sure you will enjoy the most of it!

Drone Camera

While taking the kitesurf lesson, we can record your pleasant moments, we do not limit the sharing with the most generic video content and the best quality pictures.

We Teach with Passion

For us, the kitesurf is a complete passion. By sharing this passion and love with you, we are looking forward to get you addicted as well to this feeling and sharing this adrenaline with us.

Safety First!

Thanks to our Safety Team and equipement, What ever happen in deep or shallow water, we save you at jet speed.

Joy Bringers

Our most sincere trainers are looking forward to bring joy, passion and enthusiasm.

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