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Her türlü kite tamiri

Kite Repair and Care

Kite Repair and Kite care service needs a full attention and professional touchs. With the best quality products combines with the best quality parts to your damaged or broken kite / kiteboard of the repair and care. If you want to be more satisfied, we can test your gear infront of you and provide free test drive:)

Kite Repair

Urla Kite repair, kite patching
  • Canopy stitching
  • Main Tube stitching
  • Changing the Panel

KiteBoard Repair

Urla kiteboard repair, board repairing
  • Broken Repair
  • Crack Repair
  • All kinds of accessories
  • All kinds of spare parts

Valve, Tube Repair

Urla kite main tube repair, kite valve reparing, kite tube reparing
  • Hole closing, patching
  • Valve replacement or repair
  • Heater repair
  • Insulation optimization

Bar Repair

Urla kite bar tamiri, bar birdle tamiri, kite bar repairing
  • Breaking yarn repair
  • abbreviation and exchange
  • Birdle Repair
  • Bar balance adjustment

Kite Care

Urla kite bakımı, kite onarımı, kite denge ayarı, kite caring
Kite care is done in general, unless it is necessary to fine-tune.
  • Kite Care
  • Kite Medic
  • Board Care
  • Equilibration

Kite Test

Urla kite test, kite deneme sürüşü, kite dengesi optimizasyonu, kite testing
The test drive of your newly purchased or repaired kites for you with our professional trainers to help and avoid any trouble.

Kite repair prices usually 100 TL to 200 TL between and longitudinal tear your kite varies. So, you should contact us and let us know in detail how it is or how much it is torn, how it is cracked.

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