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Are you ready to enjoy the ride? :)
First of all, we need to know where to start for you to get started kitesurf lessons, we recommend that you make smart choices. You can join us in this adventure by choosing the course / lessons plan that best suits you on the options below
Starter Pack (Private)
  • Professional instruction levels KB1, KB2, KB3
  • Lesson 1 - Theory, Kite Setup on land, safety precautions, first piloting.
  • Lesson 2 - Body Dragging, Up and down wind, Self-rescue, creation and control of power with kite.
  • Lesson 3 - Water Start, standing on the board, control speed and riding to the right and left.
420 Euro
6 hours ( per 1 )

650 Euro
10 hours ( per 1 )

720 Euro
12 hours ( per 1 )
Group Pack (Semi Private)
  • Lesson 1 - Kite installation on land, wind window, wind recognition, safety precautions, first pilotage.
  • Lesson 2 - Developing first pilot skills, body dragging exercises.
  • Lesson 3 - Boddy Dragging, Self-Rescue, Power generation with kite.
  • Lesson 4 - Water Start, Standing on the board, safe riding to the right and left.
  • Lesson 5 - Development of water start and riding skills.
280 Euro
6 hours ( each )

420 Euro
9 hours ( each )
  • Enjoy the ride better with the supervision of our assistants.
  • Upwind riding help
  • Safety and Support in case of any problem, helping you to improve yourself.
50 Euro
1 hour ( per 1 )

180 Euro
4 hours ( per 1 )
Rider Package (Advanced+)
  • With a professional instructor,
  • Advance freeride skills, kite control development,
  • freestyle, oldschool, newschool (Board off, backroll, frontroll, dark slide, railey, s-bend, f16 etc..),
  • Control in the air, rotations training, downloop carving turn,
  • Development of load and pop skills.
80 Euro
1 hour ( per 1 )

280 Euro
4 hours ( per 1 )
Hydrofoil Starter Pack
  • Lesson 1 - Introduction, handling and body drag with hydrofoil board, water start and first ride with short mast
  • Lesson 2 - Developing airborn riding skills on long mast under the supervision of our trainers.
  • Hydrofoil board can then hired the reason for this is to check that you are ready for this level.
70 Euro
1 hour ( per 1 )

260 Euro
4 hours ( per 1 )

75 Euro
1 hour with Boat( per 1 )
Coaching (Expert)
  • Live all the excitement and adventure kitesurfing can offer!
  • We provide the highest quality experience through education at professional level.
  • Preparing a progress plan based on your completed lessons and your level.
  • Rider evaluation, coaching as needed.
  • With video you can see yourself, correct your mistakes more quickly. Actually you might think that you are doing the right thing, seeing yourself in the camera is not always proud, but it is an important element in your progress
  • We use BB Talkin device for quality and instant communication service with your professional instructor.
80 Euro
1 hour
All packages has the BB Talkin hardware service as you want to use it.
This hardware helps us to make distant two way voice communications to maximize your security and increase your improvement by 30%